Friday, November 26, 2010

ATleast u pass by here.

haha...i love wat u say ~ tq .... say more ... haha XD

Friday, November 19, 2010

me in boy STYLE! XD

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

let's guess ~! Did i cut my hair?

guess ~ guess ~ guess ~

the dress i try on 2day !

Man , i love this dress hands are ichi! and i can't do anything $ ...T_T ' ...i think i need to work ..seriously , i really dono wat to plan on this holiday OR study? always hesitating...

with my friendS!

 ke xin & me

me & winnie
yay~ ^_^ piece and flower style~ kekeke..


 I can sleep more now...haha... IS HOLIDAY! ...HORAY~~  let's celebrate~ haha
wonderful tonight~ night ! my friends!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks 4 blocking me on facebook....

 I love it! TQ! =)!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Nerd ME~

 (Aunty style ) =_='...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She has a big big farking mouth!

my patient has limited ....I can't stand you anymore... u cheap chicken ! Can't you just shut ur farking mouth for few minute ?? now I know , why ppls hate u alot last time ! u idoit ! don't you use ur brain ?? and ur friend too...just the same ,can get a farking mouth couple award ~! with farking mouth & black hearted woman me ur brain is not mature enough to think ... so u 2 just have the same lvl as kidS.....u think ppl like to hate you ah? is u the one who create the problem ....  not once but many time, and when ppl said " hate u " ...then go and gossip bout ' me hate you '...plz stop lah..i m sick of it .... don't you think the main roots cause of this problem? can ur heart be wider abit ?? ....ur size is big and yet ur heart is small ..thats wat we call ' kecil hati ' ....PLUS all this things is non of ur business! .......2day, sc teacher has asks me something special , and i really shocked bout how he knows the " THINGS "  ...i'm just moody to tell teacher bout that stupid stuff...and he keep asking me , finally i say ' i don't know , is not me , y don't u go and ask them ?'...haha , I couldn't believe he tells me a funny advise ,that probably won't happen......lastly,.......with all of my honour i would like to say tq

Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Wow, I found tvxq and ft.island have the same post while checking on my file ...XD love them~!

Holidays please draw near to me now~...

Ha .... is quite stressful during exam days  .... study > exam > study > exam > never ending... =_=' resultS is **** , feel sad to talk bout this topic...SKIP~
Even throught is holidays , I also need to STUDY ~! honestly, SPM is getting near, everyday just past so fast and don't you feel the time is shorten ? just a clips of eyes.....  AH!!!! I gonna make things right this holiday ...if not ... history will repeat again and again~